Faux Tin Ceiling Easter Bunny

If you saw one of my recent posts on how to make a textured bunny then you'll know that I reached for a tin ceiling tile and realized I was out of them. 

At the time I made an adorable rusty textured bunny instead and today I'm going to create the tin ceiling bunny I had set out to make and it is just in time for Spring. 

It came out very cute, take a look ...

tin ceiling bunny with moss and flowers

I purchased a few more tin ceiling tiles at Dollar Tree. I've used them on several projects so far and they turned out great! I should remember to always have some on hand! 

tin ceiling tile in package

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The first thing I did was to cut out a bunny shape from the tile and remove the sticky backing. The backing comes right off. 

tin ceiling bunny shape

I painted the bunny white with Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. You can use any chalky paint on these tiles. 

white painted tin ceiling bunny

When the white paint dried I went over the whole bunny with a gel stain. The one I used was Fusion Mineral Paint Antiquing Glaze. 

bunny with antiquing gel

When that dried I went around the bunny dabbing on some moss green colored paint. When that was dry I gave the bunny a quick shot of matte black spray paint from high above the bunny. I find that this gives a great rustic look. I also hold the spray paint can on its side to get a speckled look with the paint. 

bunny with moss colored painted distressing

tin ceiling distressing with black paint

When all the painting was finished I traced the bunny onto a piece of MDF board and cut out the bunny shape with my tabletop jig saw. The MDF is really easy to cut! 

jig saw and bunny shape

mdf bunny shape

I used hot glue to glue the ceiling tile onto the MDF board. 

tin ceiling bunny

Lastly, I added 2 rows of cotton twine around the bunny to hide the side of the MDF board. 

adding string around the bunny

A long time ago Gail from My Repurposed Life made these great wooden stands and I'm using one of them today to hold the bunny. 

wooden stand with bunny

I used hot glue to hold the bunny into the stand then I covered the front of the stand with moss and small flowers. 

bunny in stand with moss

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tin ceiling bunny with overlay

This bunny came out so cute! 

ceiling tile bunny in mossy stand


I even sat the bunny in a pot and it looks like the moss and flowers is growing out of the pot! 

bunny in a pot with moss


This was a fun and easy project for the Spring that can sit on a shelf or table for the holidays.

bunny with mossy base


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tin ceiling bunny with mossy stand



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