Large Recycled Fabric Spring Carrot

You've seen the adorable small fabric carrots out there but have you yet seen a huge one?

I like to do things big... and recycled... and free! 

Today I'm creating a giant recycled fabric carrot for the front porch or fireplace that will really get your attention! 

Take a look...

large fabric carrot

I began with 3 pieces of reclaimed wood from my garage. They were slats from an old bed that was thrown out. I always save the wood

reclaimed wood

I glued the boards together using wood glue and tongue depressors

reclaimed wood boards with tongue depressors

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The staples I'll be referring to in this post are  "U" shaped tacks from this staple gun set I bought a while back. The "U" shaped staples were perfect for attaching the tongue depressors and the fabric for this project. 

staple gun tongue depressor

Once the boards were attached I used a circular saw to trim off the ends of the wood that were damaged. 

sawed off edge of boards

Next, I gave the boards a quick uneven coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk.  It is a great muted white color that isn't too bright. 

Raw Silk painted boards

While the paint was drying I grabbed orange fabrics from my fabric collection. Most of this fabric is from recycled clothing or scraps of other projects

pile of orange fabrics

I tore the fabric into 4" strips and began stapling the fabric to the board in the shape of a carrot. I left room at the top for the carrot greenery. 

start of fabric for carrot

I kept stapling and loosely twisting the orange fabrics, switching them out as I went, until I got to the bottom of the carrot then left a root tail at the bottom. 

orange fabric carrot on repurposed boards

Next, I gathered the greenery I was going to use. You can use almost any kind of greenery, I'm using some leftover greenery from Christmas and I think it works. I tucked the greenery stems under the fabric at the top of the carrot and stapled it on securely.

greenery in the top of carrot

Now it was time for the bow. I'm using the orange striped fabric from a recycled tea towel that I cut into strips and tied in the center. I added the bow with hot glue and more staples. 

orange striped fabric bows

I added a bunny shaped tag with stick on lettering that says SPRING to the bow. 

bunny shaped tag

And finally I used the electric sander to go around the board to smooth any cut edges and splinters. 

This carrot sign really screams Spring and Easter! 

giant carrot with bow


giant carrot on front porch

Stick it on the front porch, by the fireplace, or anywhere you want to make a statement for Spring! 

giant carrot on bench

The best part is that it is adorable and didn't cost me a cent!! 

carrot by fireplace

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giant carrot with overlay

Another idea is to leave off the bunny label and add the word "hop" at the top of the board. I printed out the word hop on the computer using the type font then scribbled on the back with pencil and traced over the letters so they came out onto the board. I then filled in the tracing with a black Sharpie paint pen. I love this idea! 

painting on hop with a paint stick


fabric carrot with the word hop

My new little assistant Sammy loves it too! 

sammy and carrot on bench

carrot on mantel with hop word

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orange carrot with bow




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