Repurposed Bread Box for GardenTools

Recently I moved my potting bench from one end of the yard to another. 

It looks amazing in it's new spot so I gave it a makeover. I had several new DIY ideas for the table that would make my potting bench work for me. 

Take a look...

I moved the potting bench, added new pots and found a very cool grate for S hooks that hangs from the fence. It was a dog crate divider, I just bent the hooks and hung it from the fence with an over the door hanger from the dollar store.  

galvanized look bread box with SHED stencil

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I also made a great string holder using rebar wire. But I still needed a place to keep my garden tools safe besides the shed that was at the other end of the yard. 

potting bench with pots

I needed my hand trowel, hand rake, garden gloves and other small items to stay dry and out of the weather yet still easily accessible. 

I searched around on Google for a storage box and found several great galvanized options but then realized that they looked like bread boxes... and hey, I had one in the basement!

The problem with my bread box was that it was bright, shiny white and that didn't go with the natural look of my potting bench. 

white bread box

Today I'm giving it a paint technique that looks a lot like galvanized steel. 

I began by painting the bread box with Hazelwood, a Fusion Mineral Paint medium grey color. 

grey painted bread box

While the paint was still wet I began pouncing on Casement White FM paint. You can see that the pouncing is giving the box a textured look. 

brush pouncing paint

grey bread box

Next, I used a few drops of Fusion Mineral Paint's Antiquing Glaze which gave it a dirty look in a few places. 

glaze for a dirty textured look

Finally, I used a few dabs of dark grey, a color I made by mixing Coal Black with the Casement White. I ended up with a great galvanized look!  


I decided I wanted a simple design on the front so I used a stencil from Old Sign Stencils. It is the Potting Shed Stencil but I only used the SHED part of the stencil. After all, it is going to work as a little shed. 

shed stencil on bread box

galvanized bread box with shed stencil

The new shed box fit perfectly inside a crate on my potting bench and will be just what I needed to keep my gardening accessories dry. 

tool box inside wooden crate

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galvanized garden box with shed stencil

garden table top with box with shed stencil

Oh and that plastic tray on the table top keeps the dirt in one place. It is a repurposed dog crate tray! 

The moral is to look around and see what you can up-cycle before you go out and purchase something new!

galvanized look box with shed stencil on garden table


shed box on garden table


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garden table with accessories and tool box

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