Easy Gazebo Curtain Solution

For years now we have had very large and overgrown trees shading our backyard and deck. The trees were our neighbors trees and blocked all the sun from our yard.

Fast forward several years and the new neighbors were quick to remove the overgrown trees. Now that they are gone it left us with another issue that needed a solution! 

See what I mean...

gazebo with top and curtains

Our neighborhood in in an old hamlet with old houses on small lots.  Each block of houses backs onto another street of houses separated by fences. 

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overgrown trees over fence

In addition to the fence our backyard neighbors had large overgrown trees that after many years completely shaded our yard. The new neighbors needed more yard on their side so they were quick to remove the trees. In fairness it is early Spring so there will be leaves on the trees that are left. 

backyard with fence and no trees

We sit out on our raised deck all Spring and Summer long. We eat out there, play out there, and generally spend all day on our deck. Now that the trees are down I needed to figure out a way to give ourselves a little privacy when we eat until the neighbor's new trees grow taller. 

We have a gazebo that we put together with a table under it for dining alfresco and I wanted to add curtains to it for privacy. 

me putting together gazebo

Many gazebos come with rods and curtains but mine did not so I needed to figure out how to add a curtain rod. This worked so well I thought I'd share it for anyone else that wanted to easily add curtains to a gazebo. After searching through Home Depot, I came across a solution. 

electrical conduit and hook

I grabbed two 10' pieces of electric conduit. These galvanized rods were strong yet not too heavy, they were also only about $6 each. I also bought a package of simple wall hooks and some 12" heavy zip ties

zip tied hook holding pole

Using the zip ties I attached the hooks to the gazebo on two of the sides threading them through the screw holes. If you wanted to you could screw the hooks into the metal post but for me, the zip ties were an easy fix. 

cross beamed poles

Once the hooks were up all I needed to do was to place the metal rods into the hooks. You can see that cool DIY repurposed colander light that makes stars all over the canopy at night! (This was when we had a blue gazebo top) 

colander light

I purchased these outdoor curtains from Amazon which were perfect, just a little long. They come 2 panels to a set and were a great price!  I hemmed the 4 panels with my sewing machine to the perfect length. 

gazebo curtains closed

As you can see we have no shortage of pet helpers over here today! 

gazebo curtains and cat

In the bottom hem of the curtains I added an 8" piece of chain to give the curtains some weight. On windy days I didn't want the curtains to be flying all over.

gazebo curtains closed

The gazebo is situated in the corner of the deck and  is anchored down using this great idea that has worked for us for years! 

deck anchor pot


The rods with the curtains worked great and they are hardly noticeable once I replaced the gazebo topI bought a new top this year and now we have the perfect little spot for outdoor dining. The DIY tabletop fire pit in the center of the table is another fun Homeroad project! 

outdoor dining

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gazebo with curtains and top

We can slide the curtains closed on one or both sides of the gazebo for privacy or to block the sun. 

outdoor gazebo with curtains

 I also used a piece of ribbon to tie the curtains to the post when not in use. 

ribbon curtain tie backs


This ended up to be just the solution we needed for our outdoor gazebo! These waterproof curtains are great when it's a rainy day too! 

gazebo on deck with curtains

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outdoor wooden table

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gazebo and overlay box

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gazebo with curtains and top


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