Rustic Wooden Bunny Crate

I saw a wooden bunny crate with 2 wooden bunnies on each end in a shop recently and it reminded me of the baskets I used to make back in the early 80's. 

They aren't kidding when they say what comes around goes around! 

Today I decided to make one... again. Only this time I'm using a repurposed old sign that I never finished. 

Take a look ...

bunny basket with filler and eggs

First, I drew a bunny shape with a flat bottom and cut it out. 

shape of bunny cut out

I traced the bunny shape onto a piece of black painted wood I had in the basement. It was  going to be a Merry Christmas sign at one point but I never finished it and gave up in the middle so I'm repurposing that board today. 

bunny shape traced on black painted wood

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I used my table jigsaw to cut out the bunnies.  They definitely needed a good sanding! 

cut out wooden bunnies

Next, I cut out 6 pieces of slat wood that were 8" long. 

stained slat wood

As I was preparing this I thought this project could also be done with wooden bunnies from the craft store and tongue depressor sticks for the slats for those without access to tools. 

I used a nail gun to attach the wooden slats to the bunnies. I nailed 2 slats to the bottom and 2 to each side attaching the bunnies. 

rustic bunny crate with side slats

You can see the writing on the bunnies that used to say Merry Christmas but nobody will ever know! 

sanding bunnies

Now it was time to sand. I made a thin sanding board with a piece of scrap wood and sandpaper, it worked great to get into all the little corners. 

sanded wooden bunnies

The next step is to stain the basket. I'm using Transformations Decorative Glaze. It is my favorite for staining my projects and can be easily found at Home Depot.

staining wooden bunny crate

I tied a black and white gingham bow to one of the bunnies and called it a day! 

wooden bunny with writing and bow

This rustic bunny basket/crate came out so adorable and was so fun to make! 

rustic wooden sign bunny crate

I filled the bunny basket with recycled basket filler left over from a package over the holidays. 

bunny crate with basket filling


wooden bunny crate with eggs

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Rustic wooden easter crate with overlay

Fill the bunny basket with eggs and you've got an adorable rustic decoration for Easter. 

wooden bunny planter with eggs

You could add a handle across the top of the bunnies, maybe even a dowel like my inspiration piece had but I'm leaving mine open so it can also be used for a plant. 

bunny crate with plant

I hope you'll give this a try, it was really not that difficult if you have the tools to cut the wood. 

bunny basket with cursive writing


black and white wooden bunny crate

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wooden bunny crate with filler and eggs



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