Stenciled Blanket Basket Gift

I love it when I find great baskets at the thrift store. 

This weekend I found a beautiful one and while I could have left it as it was, I decided to make it even cuter with a stenciled design. 

I saw a similar basket on another website and there is no reason why you couldn't quickly and easily make one yourself! 

Take a look ...

basket and tulips

I began with this large thrifted basket and an idea. The basket I coveted was from the Liz Marie Blog. I'm not really sure if she made it or not but you certainly can, go take a look! 

large basket

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cricut joy machine and grey vinyl

I began by cutting out an oval and numbers using my Cricut Joy vinyl cutting machine. If you don't have one, well I highly recommend you add it to your craft supplies because I use it ALL THE TIME

oval number and oval stencil

You can also make this by cutting vinyl into an oval and using store bought number stencils for the inside. 

Once my vinyl designs were cut, I applied the oval to my basket. 

oval stencil on basket

I painted the inside of the oval with 2 coats of white craft paint and let it dry. 

painting inside oval with brush

painted oval on thrifted basket

Remove the oval when the paint is wet to avoid any peeling.

white painted oval on basket

Next, I used my number stencil and dark grey craft paint to stencil in the numbers. 

number stencil on top of white oval

The number I chose is my anniversary date, February 9, we have been married 32 years! I don't know where that time has gone other than 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren and counting...

I pulled off the number stencil while it was still wet and I was finished!

oval with anniversary numbers

This would make a great gift for someone using their special numbers! Maybe even a special birthday. 

large basket with stenciled numbers

Let the paint dry and fill the basket with blankets and pillows. 


stenciled basket with blanket and pillow

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blanket with number and overlay

It is the cutest! I was so lucky to find such a great basket but there are millions out there. I've upcycled many baskets in my time!

stenciled basket with blanket and pillow



Look around your house, you probably already have a basket that you could add a quick stencil to.

basket with number on hearth


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pillow and blanket in basket with number


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