DIY Hanging Fish Planter

This morning I took a trip to Dollar Tree for party decorations. While I was there I spied a few potential supplies and had a great idea right there in the store!

For less than 5 bucks I made an adorable hanging fish planter I'm hanging on my fence this Spring. 

You can bet I'll show you a great idea for hanging it on the fence too! 

Take a look!...

fish planter supplies: chain, coconut plant insert and 2 fish tails

These are the supplies I needed to create this hanging fish planter from Dollar Tree:

  • 2 wire fish tail decorations
  • a coconut planter insert
  • a package chain for hanging
  • black wire

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Along with these supplies I needed rebar wire which I buy from Amazon and use all the time! I am sure any kind of black wire you have at home will work just as well. 

rebar and fish frame

I began by using the rebar wire to attach the two fish tails together. I put them together with the curved side out (like a cup) and began wrapping the rebar wire around both sides. 

rebar wire wrapped around fish tail

I cut the coconut liner with 2 big triangles in it so it would fold and fit inside the fish tails. 

coconut liner with triangles cut in

*Another idea would be to buy 2 liners and cut them into the shape of the tail and stitch them together so they fit perfectly in the tail. 

coconut liner in fish tail frame

The packaged chain not only had a hook at the top but it had 3 lengths of chain with hooks to attach to the fish. 

I use this chain a lot in my backyard. I hang small colanders with the chain to hold plants. 

hanging fish planter

I only need 2 chains for this fish so I removed one of the chain lengths with a wire cutter and attached the 2 remaining chains to each side of the fish. 

planter with chain on fence

That's it! It literally took about 10 minutes to make.

Please pin for later --->> 

fish tail filled with faux flowers

I hung the fish planter from the fence and filled the coconut liner with daffodils for now. 

planter with daffodils

You can add trailing vines with the daffodils but it is early Spring here as I write this post and I have limited flowers to work with. 

hanging fish tail with daffodils

I also tried filling the liner with faux lavender and Spanish moss for another great look. I think I'm going with this one for now. 😆

planter with lavender

I think this turned out great, I just love fish of all kinds so this one was right up my alley! 

hanging fish planter with a faux lavender plant

Oh and I told you I'd show you how I hang things on the fence... Years ago I used over the door hooks which still work great and are available at Dollar Tree for cheap. 

fence hanger with hanging fish tail planter


This planter is hung with one of the black wire over door hangers from Dollar Tree. The wire chain hangs right over the hooks! It's really only crooked because of me. 😑

Hanging planter with daffodils

I hope you like this fish planter that cost me less than $5 to make and looks adorable! By the way Dollar Tree also had a similar shell shape that you could do the same thing with! 

fish planter with liner


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daffodils in fish tail planter



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