Vintage Can Stick Planter

This is a very quick and easy project that anyone can do! 

Today I'm recycling a few pieces I had in the workshop to create a cute repurposed planter to stick in an outdoor pot. 

Take a look...

vintage can planter in hostas top

I began with a plunger stick, you can get them at Dollar Tree but any kind of thick wooden dowel will work. 

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Just a hint... my plunger stick had a label on it that was hard to remove so I grabbed a hair dryer and blasted the sticker for just a minute and it came right off! 

coffee can, stick and supplies

I'm also using the wooden top of a candle, a rusty vintage coffee can and a length of braided ribbon. You can often find old coffee cans at antique stores. 

The first thing I did was to drill a hole in the center of the candle top and the top of the wooden plunger stick. I used wood glue and a long screw to attach them. 

Next, I used hot glue for fabric to glue the braided ribbon around the top of the rusty coffee can.

coffee can with braided trim

I made another project a while back using a vintage coffee can that came out very cute too! You can the DIY for these projects by visiting the blue links. 

coffee can on pedestal

Here is another planter I made using a chair spindle! I can hardly wait until the plants are blooming in our area but I'm getting ready!!

planter on a spindle with plants

Lastly, I attached the wooden candle top with the stick to the bottom of the coffee can using E6000 glue. 

wooden stick on top of can

That's it. You can certainly paint the stick if you want to too but I'm leaving mine natural. 

vintage can with braided trim on stick

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coffee can on a stick with overlay


It is early Spring in New York so we don't have any plants ready to go yet. I'm demonstrating this planter stick in an old repurposed galvanized pot with faux greenery. You can just imagine how pretty it will look with the pot filled with flowers! 

can on stick in planter tub


I'm updating the vintage coffee can planter as the spring progresses! Here is what you can expect as the weather gets warmer! 

vintage can with pansies in a pot of hostas

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empty coffee can planter



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