Vintage Colander Bird's Nest

This project was so fun to create! 

Now that Spring is here and the weather is getting nicer in NY I'm all about Spring decorating! 

I used a vintage colander (but you could use another vintage kitchen item) and just added until I loved it! 

See what I mean...

birds nest

I've had an old enamelware colander lying around for years. I used it in the garden to hold plants so it was well worn. 

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I was looking for something to create a bird's nest on and the only thing I could find was that colander but it was red. Nice and chippy red enamelware but not the color I had in mind. 

Fast forward to the basement where I gave it a couple coats of white spray paint and then a glossy sealer. For some reason my spray paint was coming out textured but for this project it was A-ok! 

white spray painted colander

It was a shame to cover the chippy enamelware but I'm going to create my own with some black craft paint and a brush. I just went around the edges and added "chips" wherever they were when it was red. 

vintage chips on a colander

When the paint dried... ok I'm lying, I hardly ever wait for the paint to dry... I tied several strands of raffia around the base of the colander in a very messy knot. I let pieces of it stick out everywhere. I'm using the back of the colander for my nest so it will hang flat against the wall when it's finished. 

raffia and bird's nest pieces

I gathered anything I could find in my collection of stuff to make a nest. Anything a bird might use to make a nest... some string, Spanish moss, stems of berries, and some pieces of an old faux bird's nest and eggs

nest findings and feathers

I began adding things to the center of the bottom of the colander starting with a big clump of Spanish moss. I also added some to the bottom handle and around the edge.

bird's nest on colander

From here on out I just kept adding to the "nest" using hot glue to attach the pieces. I think the string were the most convincing pieces. I even added a feather. 

colander with bird's nest

When I was finished I added the 3 eggs into the center of the nest and tied a red gingham bow to the top handle. 

birds nest with feather

I think it is adorable, vintage, and just as I had envisioned! 

bird's nest colander hanging on peg hooks


I can't wait to hang it up for Spring, I think it is the perfect Spring decoration, vintage style! 

vintage colander and nest on fence

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birds nest on colander and overlay

It would look great hung up outdoors too but I would hang it in a covered area so it doesn't get rained on. 

colander and bird's nest hung outdoors

Try this with any kind of vintage kitchen item. An enamelware pot, a vintage ladle, even a grapevine wreath with a nest in the center. 

colander with bird's nest

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project that screams Springtime to me! 

white colander with bird's nest


colander with nest

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bird's nest, colander on peg rack



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