Terra Cotta Pot Plant Markers

What do you do when you break something? You fix it? You repurpose it? You toss it?

My answer is that you repurpose it. That was the case with the large terra cotta pot I left out over the winter. 

It broke, in a bunch of fairly large pieces and I knew there must be something I could do with them. 

And I did...

terra cotta markers in dirt

I repurposed the broken pieces by stenciling on them and using them in my garden and pots. 

broken pot pieces

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It is still early Spring in our area so I'm preparing for the growing season. No plants or veggies yet but this project is making me dream! 

stenciled terra cotta piece and brush

I grabbed a set of Spring stencils I bought not too long ago on Amazon. They were very inexpensive and if I couldn't use the whole stencil for something I knew I could use parts of them. 

spring stencils

This was a quick and easy project. First I cleaned off the broken terra cotta pieces, they dry in an instant. 

stencil on pot piece

Next, using black craft paint and a stencil brush, I stenciled parts of the stencils onto the terra cotta pieces to make plant markers. 

plant stencil on pot piece

Some of the markers are to mark the flowers I hope to have soon and others are just to decorate the pots once the plants are in. 

stems stenciled marker

I have a whole collection of terra cotta pots and the terra cotta markers in the pots looks great already. That is my garden in the distance. I wrote a post on building that fence. I wrote another one on how to build a potting bench too! 

terra cotta pots and markers

terra cotta pots with markers

I'm sure all of us have a broken pot or two that we can recycle. I can't be the only one that forgets to put them all away! 😆

terra cotta plant markers

The next time nature gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade... or plant markers! 

seed marker in pot


plant markers and vintage can planter

See this DIY vintage planter here

Please pin for later -->> 

plant markers and overlay

If you want to see a real gardener's garden, take a look at my daughter's amazing vegetable garden! 

The best part of my humble little project other than how cute these are is that they are recycled and FREE, two of my favorite words! 

plant markers in a pot

Take a peek at a few more plant marker ideas I've made in the past. 

terra cotta pots and markers


pots with markers

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plant markers in the dirt

Plant markers with pansies and a light



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