Outdoor Painted Deck Furniture

I'm setting up our outdoor space for Spring with all new cushions and planters. Did you know you can paint outdoor furniture and pots? 

My problem right now is the old dingy deck boxes and cabinet on our deck. 

Today I decided to paint them and boy was that a good idea! 

See what I mean...

view of the deck

This is one view of my deck and my assistant in the window was giving me his approval. We just put up the gazebo in the corner and I added rods and curtains for privacy. 

After a long winter, many winters I should say, my deck boxes were stained and porous. They almost had a chalky finish. The time had come to either replace them or figure out another solution. 

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I bought one new deck box this year to hold my cushions and it made the other two look so bad I decided the only thing to do was to paint them. The question was what paint to use for outdoor plastic furniture?

The first deck box, the smaller one, I painted with spray paint. It was Rustoleum 2x Expresso color in satin finish from Home Depot to be exact. 

The box looked better right away but to be honest it could have used more than the 2 cans of paint I used. Actually, I don't know if another can would have even helped. The paint soaked into the porous finish unevenly and gave me some places where the paint looked  dull and others places where it almost looked shiny. It even came out browner than the paint can lid. I might think about painting it again.

spray painted deck box

The other deck box I painted is a tall cabinet. It holds toys for my grandchildren and our plastic cups and dinner plates for when we eat outdoors. 

ugly old outdoor deck cabinet

I don't know if you can see it but the bulldog bottle opener had even rusted down the front of the cabinet. 

rusty bulldog bottle opener rust stain

What I used to paint outdoor furniture:

This cabinet was also stained and porous but this time I didn't want to use spray paint. I've had nothing but good things to say about using Fusion Mineral Paint outside so I'm giving it a shot on this cabinet today. 

First, I wiped down the cabinet with soap and water. 

deck box before

Next, I mixed Coal Black and Hazelwood Fusion Mineral Paint together to make a very dark grey. I didn't want straight black because my patio set is dark grey.  

Truth be told, I didn't think I had enough black to do the whole thing anyway. I made a mixture of about 2 parts Coal Black and 1 part Hazelwood. It made the perfect dark grey color that actually matched the furniture perfectly! 

I started at the top of the cabinet and was thrilled to see that I was only going to need one coat! 

painted top half of cabinet

The results of painting outdoor furniture:

The paint went on smoothly and the coverage was amazing! 

dark grey paint on cabinet

painted edging on deck cabinet

Parts of this cabinet were still wet in these photos, no second coat was necessary. 

cabinet painted after

As I've said, I've used Fusion Mineral Paint on outdoor projects many times before and had no problem with chipping or fading.

I should add that before I replaced the bulldog bottle opener I gave it a couple of heavy coats of spray sealer to prevent it from rusting again. 

Sealer on bottle opener

I am very happy at the way the cabinet came out. When I priced new cabinets I was looking at prices of $300+ for anything even close to the one I had. 

bulldog bottle opener

One coat of paint just saved me a ton of money so now I'll be going shopping for outdoor cushions and decor! After all... I saved a ton of money!

dark grey painted outdoor cabinet

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painted deck box with overlay

I hung a wreath on the side that I made recently from trees that were taken down in our yard. 

moss wreath on side of cabinet


I will not hesitate to use the rest of my paint mixture to go over the first deck box and make it look just as good as this cabinet. 


outdoor gazebo area

I even painted the top of this table with Fusion Mineral Paint at one time.

outdoor table

It is early spring so I'm beginning the deck projects and can't wait to spend some time outdoors! 

outdoor seating and umbrella

Visit the outdoor table I made that is the perfect extra large place to gather around! 


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outdoor painted cabinet


Fusion Mineral Paint provided me with the paint, all opinions are my own.


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