Outdoor Cement Mannequin Repairs

I have a favorite cement mannequin that I use to decorate my deck. 

Originally it was white and had a post and a stand.

Unfortunately, I've left it outside over the winter many times and this year it broke. 

The question now is... do I fix it or dump it? 

broken mannequin with a chip

If you know me, you'll know the answer is to fix it. 

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The mannequin has a big chunk missing from the side of the dress so making it perfect isn't going to happen. 

chunk missing from cement mannequin

I can however add this great moss technique I used on a planter recently to give her an acceptable makeover. 

I began with 3 paint colors, a mossy green, a light green and a tan. 

You can use outdoor paints if you'd like, I've gathered some ideas below.

3 paint colors for moss

I used a hard brush to dab the colors onto the mannequin. 

original mannequin

I mixed the light and tan colors with the green to give the look of real moss. 

You can see how well the paint disguised the chip.

mannequin with moss and chip

For more detailed directions take a look at this tutorial. 

mannequin with moss colors

This whole makeover took minutes. 

moss painted mannequin

The mannequin can be sealed with a matte sealer when you're finished. 

outdoor mannequin

Do you have something at your house that could use this great makeover technique? 

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mannequin with overlay

I'm glad I fixed the mannequin before my husband decided to do the Spring clean-up because you know she'd be gone! 

moss decorated mannequin


If I was keeping this mannequin indoors I would glue moss pieces around the base of this mannequin. 

moss painted mannequin

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cement mannequin outdoors



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