DIY Wine Glass Cloche

Everything just looks better under a cloche, don't you think?  Not a fact, just my opinion and since my plan is to use up everything I've collected over the years, I'm showing you how to make a very easy glass cloche today! 

wine glass and candle top

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All you really need for this project is a stemless wine glass and a base. 

wine glass and base

The base I'm using today is the top of a jar candle

I removed the old burned out candle remnants and saved the jar and the top for another project and here it is. 

I removed the plastic from around the candle lid.

I added a tiny knob to the top of my wineglass with E6000 glue

wine glass cloche and pumpkin

Then I flipped the wine glass over and placed it on the candle base. 

That's it... world's easiest project! 

wine glass cloche with pumpkin

Everything looks better under a cloche like these tiny dollar store pumpkins I made recently. 

I'm adding this one to the collection of cloches on my mantel. 

cloche collection on mantel

Each one was made from found objects, some of the glass tops came from the thrift store or garage sales. 

All you do is add a base of some kind and a knob and you're done! 

cloches on mantel

I've even made cloches from chicken wire in the past, that was another fun and great looking project! 

Also a whole bunch of other DIY cloches from years past!

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