Elegant Brass Outdoor Solar Lights

 If you've been following along for a while you may remember the black candlesticks I thrifted and painted for my mantel. 

And then you may remember that I turned them back into brass for a rustic brass bell look. 

Well today they are getting one more makeover and this time I'm using them outdoors! 

Take a look ...

brass candle holder with solar light

So here is where I began, well not completely, they started off brass from the thrift store then painted them matte black for a time

black matte candlesticks

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Then I had a great idea to turn them back into brass but this time with an old vintage bell look. 

brass candlesticks

Well, now it is time to change them up again slightly, this time for outdoor using solar lights. 

outdoor solar lights

Yes, those inexpensive solar light stakes you can buy at Dollar Tree and work really well! I was pretty surprised that most of the ones I bought last year are still working this year! A dollar well spent! Take a look at the solar lights I made for the deck last year. 

So today I'm changing up the candlesticks so I can use them outdoors on my deck. 

hot glue in candlestick

All I had to do was to remove the stake from the bottom of the solar light and hot glue it right into the brass candlesticks. 

solar lights in brass candlesticks

Nothing to it! 

solar lights in brass candlesticks

The brass solar lights add a touch of elegance to my outdoor world. 

daffodils and outdoor candlestick

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brass solar lights with overlay

I especially like the one that unscrewed. I stuck it right into a pot with a flower and it looks amazing! 

brass solar light with base removed

outdoor light in pot

Don't be afraid to use them outdoors. The rub and buff antique gold finish is pretty much weatherproof so you can pull out the solar light and use them again inside. 

brass solar light on bakers rack with flowers

I actually won't be doing that since I have thrifted so many candlesticks... I have plenty more! 😏

outdoor light in plant with vintage lemon squeezer


fountain planter with solar light

This fountain planter with a solar light is one of my favorites! As you can see I love lighting up our outdoor spaces! 

gazebo with lights

You can read all about the gazebo and the DIY curtain rods by visiting the blue link above. 

So give this project a try! You can find the rub and buff brass bell method by visiting this link then add a solar light or 6 and place them all over your deck or patio. If you have brass candlesticks like the one below you can use them without the antiqued finish. 

brass candlestick with solar light and cement decor

The outdoor tabletop fire pit project in the picture can be found here. 

table top fire pit


outdoor solar light and cement artichoke

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baker's rack with solar lights at night


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