Printed Canvas Bee Crate

Did you happen to see the stuffed hearts I printed out on my computer for Valentine's Day

Today I'm creating a wooden crate with a beautiful bee design using the same printer technique. 

Print any design you want and decorate almost anything! 

Take a look ...

bee image on wooden crate

I'm starting with a pad of canvas "paper" I found at a garage sale. It is actually canvas like the stretched canvas boards. I've since find that these pads of canvas are readily available on Amazon or at the craft store

canvas paper pad

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I'm using an Epson Eco Tank Printer for this project. Honestly, I wish I had this printer years ago! As a teacher I've needed to print so many projects over the years and the cost of ink is crazy! This printer not only came with a years worth of ink when I purchased it but the inexpensive ink you do buy lasts forever! One of the best office/craft supplies I have! 

epson eco tank printer

Anyway, you just make sure your canvas is 8x10 size and slip it into the printer like normal paper. If your canvas is larger just cut around a regular piece of copy paper to get the right size. 

printed image of bee

I'm printing a bee design from the Graphics Fairy. She has all kinds of beautiful designs and many different bees for you to print. 

After I printed my design I cut slits and tore the canvas to a smaller size. 

printed bee on canvas

The design printed well, a little light maybe so I wanted to embellish the bee design a little. The faded look of the original print is also a great look for so many farmhouse designs. 

This time I decided to use Sharpie markers, gold Rub and Buff, and metallic paint pens to add more color and depth to my design giving it the look of a painted picture. Maybe even add a little glitter if you're a glitter person! 

bee image with gold paint pen

When I was finished I tore the canvas again to make it fit on the side of the wooden crate I was using. I used gold tacks, found at Dollar Tree, to hold the canvas onto the crate. 


bee image on wooden crate

gold tacks nailed into frayed canvas

Your canvas design could also be used to create a stenciled look for a project like this DIY Spring carrot bag. Just hot glue the frayed canvas right to the bag! 

bag with printed fabric design

Another good idea is to print directly onto fabric like I did on these easy DIY pillows. It's easy to do with most printers. 

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printed bee design on crate with overlay

This wooden crate with the bee design is perfect for holding cookbooks on a shelf in the kitchen. I love layering crates and baskets in my newly renovated kitchen

bee crate with cookbooks on shelf

The crate can also be painted, stained, or embellished with more gold Rub and Buff or Gold Leaf.

wooden crate with bee image


The possibilities are endless for this project! 

crate with bee and cookbooks


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wooden crate with bee on shelf with books


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