Thrifted Old Frame Projects

I've been collecting inspiration for this project for a long time now.

All I really needed was to find the right frame. 

I had a lucky day at the thrift store this weekend and came home with not one frame but two. And don't you know I had a good idea for both of them! 

Take a look ...

Vintage frame with sticks and string

I wasn't looking for frames this time at all. I was looking for something to complete my solar fountain project

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I ran across a wrapped set of 2 frames that were just what I had been looking for so I got started right away! 

two wooden frames

First, I removed the small screw hooks that were on the side of the frames. 

frame and screw hooks

I searched my workshop and found a whole bunch more screw hooks that I may use for this project. 

random screw eyes and hooks

I moved the screw hooks to the front of the frame and added a couple more. 

frame with hooks

Next, I grabbed 3 vintage wooden hangers and removed the sticks on all of them. I had to use a small saw to cut one side of the stick and then it slid right out of the hanger. 

hanger taken apart

Now I was ready to use the sticks and one of the hangers. First I slid the sticks right into the hooks on the frame. 

sticks on hooks with spools of twine

Then I gathered all the string and spools I could find and slid them right onto the sticks. 

frame with sticks and spools of twine

Now I needed to hang my string holder so I put 2 screw eyes in the top of the frame. 

screw eyes on top of frame

I drilled holes in the bottom of the hanger and added a couple of screw hooks that lined up with the screw eyes on the frame. 

hanger with screw hooks

All I had to do was to clip them together and I had the perfect "hanger" for my string holder. 

frame with spools of twine

I think this is awesome and I've been wanting to make one for so long! I am a string organizing fool... I just love making DIY string holders of all kinds! 

vintage frame with spools and vintage hanger

If you have some string that is not on a spool you can create your own spool using a long bead like this one. 

string on diy beaded spool

Another idea is to save old spools when you've used the wire or string and re-string them. 

string on vintage spool

vintage string holder with frame and hanger

This project is perfect to hang in my office next to the metal mug holder I have hanging on the side of an old cabinet. That string holder holds a ton of crafty things! 

string organizers


spool and paper roll hanging on wall in the office

Now it's time to do something with the other frame. I bet you thought I'd hang on to it for a while... nope! I had an idea right away.

2  wooden frames

Actually I had a few ideas. First I put 2 screw eyes in the front of my frame then I used a straight stick to slide into the screws. 

small thin wooden frame

This is another place to hang baker's twine!

vintage frame and baker's twine


Another idea would be to use it as a washi tape organizer! Depending on the holes in your washi tape you may need a thicker dowel. 

washi tape on frame

But the best idea was to use it as a brown paper holder. I don't know how it worked out but the roll of paper I had fit perfectly inside this frame! If it didn't you could always cut your paper roll to size, I've done it with a jigsaw!

brown paper in a vintage frame

The best idea yet though was to grab the serrated edge from the aluminum foil box and hot glue it to the back bottom edge of the frame.

frame and paper with serrated edge

Now you can cut the paper by just dragging it across the serrated edge! 

old frame with brown paper torn on serrated edge

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string organizer frame and overlay

I'm going to love adding both of these projects to my craft room and I just love the vintage vibe of both of them.

wall in office with spool organizer and paper organizer

hanging roll of paper in frame on peg rack

string holder hanging from vintage hanger

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string organizer with twine on vintage hanger



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