Architectural Outdoor Home Decor

This was another lucky trip to the thrift store!
Architectural Outdoor Home Decor
I can not believe this piece was actually at the thrift store! I mean who in their right mind would give something like this away? 

When I researched the price it was well over $200 in the specialty garden catalogs. 

Architectural Outdoor Home Decor from the Thrift Store
It's big, about 3' wide and 3 ' tall!
This was a really lucky find! I power washed it to remove any dirt and hung it on my front porch with a big nail. It was the perfect place for it! 

Outdoor Home Decor from the Thrift Store

Amazing Outdoor Home Decor from the Thrift Store
And just to update you, it's been sitting on my front porch for years and years now, it has aged from the elements and couldn't look better! 

Amazing Outdoor Home Decor Ideas

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You've just gotta keep checking that thrift store!

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