DIY Rustic Birdhouse

A few years ago I made a junky birdhouse for my backyard. I used all reclaimed parts and rusty things I found around my house. It was easier than you may think, the hard part ended up to be the hole...
DIY birdhouse from found parts

Are you a birdhouse lover

Well you're going to like this story! 

The joke in my family all summer long was that "no bird will ever move in because I made the hole too small".

And so far, they've been right, Until today.

I was sitting outside reading a book and I heard this tapping sound. 

I looked over and saw a woodpecker sitting on the perch banging away at the hole in the birdhouse.

Before I laughed myself off my chair I took a picture with my phone.

woodpecker moving into the birdhouse

moving into the birdhouse

These photos are terrible but there he was trying to make the hole bigger!

When he flew away I went over to get a closer look.

She was doing her own home improvements!

Pecking marks where the woodpecker tried to make the hole larger

I did the only thing I could do... I helped her out.

I grabbed my drill and made the hole bigger for her.

Creating a last minute larger hole for the woodpecker

Not perfect but it was the best I could do because I was standing on a chair and the birdhouse was already mounted to the fence.

So... the jokes over!  

You can move in now Mrs. Woodpecker! 

Welcome Home!

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