Christmas Eve Traditions

Do you have Christmas traditions you follow every year or are you looking to start a few new ones? You may or may not be ready for Christmas but today I'm sharing our family traditions that go back for generations...

ice skate hanging on sled

Christmas Eve is the big holiday in our house.

moss wreath with red blow

Over the years our family has changed, our children grew up, and our group is getting larger every year. 

In the past 7 years we have acquired 6 grandchildren, 5 of them in just the past 4 years! 

One thing that doesn't change are our family traditions. 

Usually every Christmas Eve at 6 am, I'm up very early,  I light our bayberry candle.

bayberry candle with light

The burning of the bayberry candle is one of those traditions that has been passed down for generations in our family. 

This little poem goes with the candle, burning it ensures wealth and health for the new year. 

bayberry candle poem

This year we look forward once again to spend Christmas Eve with our children and grandchildren.  

Table of cookies and cakes

Most of the grandchildren are old enough to totally enjoy the excitement of the night. 

Our Christmas Eve dinner consists of fried oysters and fish every year. 

Quarters are placed under the plates of the bread winners for luck. 

In the past this meant that only the men got quarters under their plates.

Thankfully as we've evolved, every adult is now considered a bread winner. 

mantel with mirror and christmas trees with lights

After dinner there is a mad dash to wash the dishes because right after dinner is present time! 

The children all open their gifts from the family and while wrapping paper fills the room, excitement fills the air. 

Sometimes we even make it to the midnight service at our local church! 

We look forward to Christmas Eve in our house because the bayberry candle is lit, the cookies are made, the gifts are wrapped, and the quarters are placed under the plates! 

Aside from all the DIY projects and decorations here at Homeraod... our wish for all of our friends and family is for love, health and success in the new year. 

Wreath with bow and overlay

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