Black and White Stenciled Christmas Tree

When I saw this black Christmas tree in a photo of someone's bathroom I knew I had to make one for myself!  Little did I realize until I started just how easy it was to do...

Bathroom with graphic tree and orange slices

I started out with a framed picture from the Dollar Tree. 

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I don't even remember what the picture used to be but it had a removable frame.

I began by painting over the design in the frame with white chalk paint. 

Christmas tree stencil, brush and black paint

When that was dry I cut a piece of scrap paper to the size of the backing board I removed from the frame. 

I then cut a simple Christmas tree design into the paper. 

I did this by just randomly cutting but if you'd like you can google a Christmas tree design and trace it onto your paper. 

I used painter's tape to tape the outer edge of the Christmas tree onto the backing board. 

Tree stencil and black paint

I used black craft paint to stencil in the design onto the board. 

I was very careful to hold the paper tree stencil down as I stenciled and didn't use too much paint on my brush. 

Next, I removed the stencil, stuck it back into the frame and voila! 

black christmas tree picture and scale

That was all it took to transform a Dollar Store picture into one that I love!! 

It was just what I wanted and it was $1.00!

Christmas tree picture on shiplap wall

If I had it my way I would only use black and white in my whole house! 

black tree picture and shiplap wall

Black tree and overlay pin

Right now we are in the process of renovating our kitchen and I am well on my way to the black and white dream! 

We did this shiplap bathroom a few years ago. 

black and white framed tree picture

Wall with tree, light and picture

The orange slice garland was another Homeroad DIY project.

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scale and black and white Christmas tree


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