Drop Cloth Christmas Gift Bags

When you purchase a package of drop cloth fabric you will have enough for about a zillion projects.  Ok, maybe not a zillion but so many you'll be busy from now until Christmas for sure! 

three stenciled gift bags

Lately I've been using the drop cloth fabric for a number of projects. 

These are the supplies I used for this project.

crafting supplies

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Today I cut my drop cloth fabric into rectangles. 

drop cloth fabric

My rectangles were about 8" by 16". 

The size is up to you, you can make giant bags or small ones depending on the gift you want to wrap. 

I folded my fabric in half and hot glued around 2 sides. 

hot gluing edges of fabric

SureBonder hot glue for fabric is washable and works great but I don't plan on washing my bags so hot glue will work fine. 

I turned my fabric bag inside out then folded the top edge over 2 times and glued the edge of the fold down. 

folded top edge of fabric

On the seam of the fold I cut a little hole for ribbon to go through. 

pile of folded bags

Using this fantastic stencil from Old Sign Stencil called Christmas Sweater, I used red craft paint to stencil the design to the front of my bag. 

stencil on fabric bag

You can stencil both sides if you wish. 

stenciled gift bag

When the paint was dry I removed the wire from a length of wired ribbon and used a safety pin to draw it through the hole I made and through the fold in my bag. 

wire and gingham ribbon

ribbon with pin through fold

I tried several different ribbons, my only suggestion is to not use ribbon that is too thin or too wide. 

safety pin through ribbon

red drawstring bow on bag

Another ribbon I made for the bags was a strip of the drop cloth fabric with a frayed edge. 

I think this one is my favorite! 

drop cloth bow on gift bag


These bags are perfect for your Christmas gifts and really took no time and very little expense to make. 

three gift bags with different bows

The stencil I used was the perfect simple design. 

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stenciled bag with pinterest overlay

How cute will they look around the Christmas tree?!

group of stenciled gift bags

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santa and gift bag

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