DIY Christmas Lantern

 A while back my daughter was cleaning house and was throwing away a bunch of painted canvases.  You just know I grabbed them out of the trash and saved them for another day...

deconstructed artist canvases

I wrote a post about how to deconstruct an artist's stretched canvas a while back. 

three frames

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I ended the post saying that one of these days I'd figure out what I wanted to do with them.

That day is today...

I began by cutting some of my reclaimed pot rack wood into four 6" pieces. 

The size you use will be determined by the size of the frames you are using and the size of the lantern you want to make. 

For me, it's a huge lantern! 

I nailed and wood glued the cut pieces to my frames to attach them into a rectangle. 

frames and scrap wood

square of frames

Next, I cut a piece of thin wood to be my lantern base and I nailed it to the bottom of the lantern. 

lantern base on wooden frames

I brought the piece outside and spray painted it black

black spray painted lantern

I've got a lot going on in this workshop, the fan is to help dry the paint. 

When the paint dried I added 2 eye screws to the top of the lantern to create a handle. 

screw eyes on top of lantern

For the handle I'm using this fun burlap ribbon with tiny bells I bought at Marshall's many years ago. 

burlap ribbon with bells

I made a bow from a wired burlap ribbon and attached it to the side. 

burlap wired bow

Next, I found a wreath with berries that fit inside the lantern and added pinecones. 

wreath with berries and pinecones

The last thing to do now is to find and candle and add it to the center of the wreath!  

black lantern with a bow and handle

You can use a battery powered candle or a real candle in a jar since there is no top to the lantern and shouldn't be a fire hazard. 

jarred candle and wreath with berries

I knew those frames would come in handy some day! 

candle lantern with wreath and ribbon

This adorable large lantern will sit on my front porch for the  Christmas season!

pin button
Christmas lantern pin with overlay

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black lantern with handle and wreath


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