Thrift Store Basket Makeover

Do you know what you're looking for when you go thrifting? Sometimes I do and sometimes I just browse.  Yesterday I was browsing and came across an excellent find that just needed one small tweak! 

thrift store tray with fish handle

When you go thrifting it's important to keep an open mind. 

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One of the first things I look at when I get to the thrift store is the baskets. 

They can be painted, bleached, and tweaked, like today's project. 

When I found this wicker beauty in the basket aisle I was sure it was once the top of a hamper. 

wicker hamper top

As a matter of fact there were 2 of them and you can bet I'm going back for the other one today! 

I decided right then and there that it looked like a tray. 

I just love wicker and wicker trays of all kinds are very popular right now. 

So I grabbed it. 

I brought the wicker tray home and gave it a good cleaning with dish soap and a scrub brush. 

I let it dry overnight. 

washed wicker tray

In the morning while I was deciding what to do to this beauty next, I ran across a couple of my favorite cabinet handles similar to these. 

You see... we are renovating our first floor right now, which means that almost everything we own is in the basement. 

Yes it is! 😵‍💫

kitchen drywall and stained floor

I was sure to save these fish handles when they tore out the old kitchen and they just happened to be on my workbench now. 

I held the handles up to the wicker tray and fell in love with them all over again! 

wicker tray with fish handle

I marked the spot where I needed to drill holes in the tray. 

A quick buzz of the drill and I was pushing the screws through the holes. 

holes and screws in basket

The handles were absolutely perfect for this tray! 

pin button overlay

wicker tray and overlay pin

If the tray you find has a looser weave you may need to add small washers to the screws to be sure they don't break through the wicker. 

screws in wicker basket

For mine, the screws alone were perfect, if it loosens up you can always go back and add washers! 

wicker tray with fish handle

As soon as my life is back together and I can find all my items, I will be filling this tray with beads, hand made coasters, and more fun finds. 

thrift store tray

It will be perfect for nautical decor as well! 

wicker basket tray in room with pillows

Or your cat...

Maybe it was the fish handles?! 

cat in basket tray

Not exactly what I had in mind for this tray but this works too! 😂

cat in tray

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thrift store basket with fish handle

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