DIY Repurposed Christmas Trees

Are you ready for a little Christmas? 

Over the years on Homeroad I've literally made hundreds of DIY Christmas decorations. 

Of all the fun projects I've made, Christmas trees are my favorites...

ruler Chrismas tree

I started posting my creations on Homeroad in 2010 just about this time of year. 

As you read through this post please visit each of the DIY Christmas trees by following the bold blue links

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Making Christmas trees from found parts and repurposed pieces is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. 

Christmas tree farm sign

Don't get me wrong, the Christmas ornaments I make are also made from repurposed pieces and are so much fun to make! 

Today I'm posting some of my favorite DIY Christmas trees from Homeroad over the years. 

First up, is the scrap wood tree I made for the front porch. 

scrap wood Christmas tree

It is made entirely of wood scraps found around the workshop. 

Next, is a fun magnetic tree that holds photos, it's made from a rusty hinge!

rusty hinge tree

This Christmas tree, one of my first projects, was made when I cut up an old rusty galvanized planter at the end of the summer.

rusty planter Christmas tree

Ready for some more? 

Here's a fun one made with plywood scraps from another project! 

Make a bunch and decorate your mantel for the season! 

plywood Christmas trees

Now for a change of pace... 

This DIY Christmas tree is my very favorite appetizer tray for holiday entertaining! 

Christmas appetizer tree

The next DIY Christmas tree was easy to make and was used two different ways! 

First, the tree was adorned with ornaments and lights and looks amazing at night! 

Light up Christmas tree

A few years later this same tree became an amazing Advent Calendar tree for the grandkids! 

advent calendar tree

Which way is your favorite?

Next up is the ruler trees. 

I made several different kinds and you can see them all when you visit the following posts. 

This ruler tree stands up on a repurposed candle lid!

ruler tree with candle top base

Lastly, the other ruler trees that hang on the wall and are made with chippy scrap wood and ruler tape! 

chippy ruler tree

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