Wooden Stars for Christmas

Today I'm making stars from a repurposed wooden roller shade I took down a while back. This was a super fun project with a surprise for even me at the end! ...

cork star

A while back I repurposed a wooden shade I took down from my daughter's room. 

wooden shade

Let me tell you that shade can make a LOT of projects! 

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I began with 3 long pieces of the wooden slats and cut them in half with a clipper

You will only need 5 for this project. 

I laid the strips down in the shape of a star making sure all the corners touched then hot glued them at the corners and at every place they overlapped. 

star from wooden slats

That's it, you can leave your star like that and hang it from a piece of jute twine or you can decorate it. 

The first one I made, I used a thin wired pip berry garland and glued it on top of the wooden slats all around the star. 

pip berry star

section of star with pip berry

The next star I decorated with just a few tiny sprigs of greenery and berries with a messy bow on one side. 

star with greenery

The last star, and my personal favorite, is covered with wine corks. 

wooden slat star with corks

I have a huge collection of wine corks thanks to the drinking habits of myself and some of my very favorite friends 💛.

I hot glued the wine corks all the way around the star.

In a few places I needed to cut the cork with a small saw to make them fit. 

cork with saw

I also had a few round circle corks I added on the ends. 

cork circle and greens

When the corks were all in place I cut a few pieces of greenery and berries and added them to some of the awkward places. 

cork star

cork star with berries

And wait for it....

In place of one of the corks I used a cork light! 

cork light on star

Did you see it? 

cork star with jute hanger

I should maybe put some kind of stamp or lettering on it to disguise it better... 

The cork light has a tiny switch and it lights the center of the cross up at night! 

cork star on shiplap with lights

I love this one! 

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cork star with overlay

It's the perfect gift for those wine loving friends! 

lighted cork star

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Cork star



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