St. Patrick's Day Cutting Board Craft

I think I better change my tag line to repurposed and re-loved and crafts.  I'm loving just messing around in my office with all these craft supplies.  Today I found a cute little cutting board and some shamrock napkins! 

cement head, shamrock cutting board and top of the morning sign

Yep, once again I found the cutting board decoration at the Dollar Tree. 

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It's not a real cutting board for sure but it is pretty darn cute the way it is. 

dollar store cutting board shaped Easter sign

First I painted the whole thing with white craft paint and then had a change of ideas half way through so I removed the top layer of his sign.

white painted cutting board sign

It was attached with glue and 4 tacks and came off quite easily. 

I sanded the surface and repainted the cutting board shape. 

Now comes the fun part...

If you've never decoupaged with napkins you're going to want to try it! 

It is so easy to do and looks amazing! 

So first I separated my napkin in to 3 layers, I found my napkins at Marshalls. 

shamrock napkin

I'm only using the top layer of the napkin with the decorations, I use the other layers to clean up when I'm finished.  

I gave my painted cutting board sign a coat of Ultra Grip from Fusion Mineral Paint but you could also use Matte Mod Podge. 

I once did another project using Ultra Grip and an iron, that was another great way to adhere scrap book paper to a surface. 

So, I laid down the top layer of napkin onto my Ultra Gripped surface and rolled a paint bottle over it to flatten out any bubbles. 

shamrock napkin on cutting board shape with paint roller

Next, I gave the top of the napkin an additional coat of Ultra Grip as a sealer. 

Now,  I like simple things so I am not going to add a phrase or picture to this cutting board, but you could. 

I like it just the way it is. 

          shamrock cutting board

You could hang a simple tag on it or leave it plain. 

I used a ripped strip of painter's cloth and raffia to string through the hole as a hanger and called it a day! 

decoupaged cutting board shape with chalkboard tag

It looks gorgeous on my mantel and is the perfect simple St. Patrick's Day decoration that doesn't scream "Kiss Me" all over it! 

decoupaged napkin cutting board sign on a ladder

That's just the way I like it! 

cutting board with lavender and a moss ball

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Mantel with ladder, lavender, and a shamrock sign

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The interchangeable Top of the Morning sign is a great sign to switch out for every holiday

St. Patrick's Day mantel with decoupaged cutting board sign

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