Drop Cloth No-Sew Bunnies

Are you ready for a little Spring? It started yesterday and I am more than ready for it! These little bunnies are the cutest little things and there is no sewing involved! You heard that right, no need to drag out the sewing machine! 

muslin bunnies and overlay

The first thing I did to make these little cuties was to draw and cut out a bunny silhouette on copy paper. 

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bunny silhouette on copy paper

If you are not an artist, and most people are not,  just Google bunny silhouette and print one out. 

Make these bunnies any size you want!

Make several different sizes!

Once you have your silhouette cut out, place it on a folded piece of fabric. 

I used painter's drop cloth fabric because first of all it's cheap, and secondly, I love neutrals and this fabric has texture and a beautiful oatmeal color! 

Next, you're going to trace around the bunny silhouette on your doubled fabric. 

silhouette of bunny on drop cloth and traced

I drew around the bunny about 1/4" away from the paper.

I used a fine line marker, don't use a fat marker, you're going to cut off the marker and the thinnest marker line works best.

So now, using pinking shears, cut on your marker line. 

Now you will have 2 bunnies.

With a hot glue gun, go around the edge of your silhouette leaving the bottom open. 

Now using Poly-fil stuffing and a chopstick, stuff your bunny from the opening at the bottom. 

stuffing bunnies with fiberfill

Use a chopstick to make sure to get the stuffing all the way up into the ears. 

Don't use too much stuffing, you want them to be soft and squishy. 

using a chopstick to stuff the top of the bunny

You're only going to lightly stuff the bunny to give it a little puffiness. 

If you don't have Poly-fil you can use the stuffing from an old pillow.

If you want to add a stick to the bunny, put a little bit of hot glue on one of the chopsticks and glue it to the inside. 

gluing a stick to the inside of the bunny

Now close the bottom edge with more hot glue making sure not to get any stuffing in the way of your glue. 

Add a gingham bow, mine came from Dollar Tree, and you're done!

Bunny with a green gingham bow

Aren't these just the cutest little bunnies?!

bunny with a green gingham bow

Fill a bowl with them or give them out as gifts. 

You can make these bunnies any size you want to! 

easter bunny on a pedestal with green bow

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Stuffed drop cloth bunny with Pin overlay

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2 stuffed bunnies, one on a stick

framed row of bunnies with overlay

Yield: 1
Author: Homeroad

Drop Cloth No-Sew Bunnies

Drop cloth stuffed bunnies with or without a stick.


  • drop cloth painter's cloth
  • hot glue
  • stuffing or cotton balls
  • ribbon
  • pinking shears
  • wooden skewers (optional)


  • Pinking shears
  • Glue gun


The Bunny
  1. First draw or trace a bunny onto paper as a pattern and cut it out. 
  2. Trace the bunny 1/4" around the pattern onto drop cloth. 
  3. Cut out the bunny with pinking shears. 
  4. With hot glue go around the edge of the cut bunny leaving an opening in the bottom. 
  5. Stuff the bunny with stuffing or cotton balls. 
  6. You can add a skewer or not at this point. 
  7. Hot glue the bunny opening closed. 
  8. Add a gingham bow with hot glue. 
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