Simple Chippy Bunny for Easter

Usually I show you a step by step tutorial of what I'm making.  Today however, I was in such a zone that I finished the whole project in a few minutes and only got around to taking photos when I was finished. Trust me though, it's worth the read! 

chippy bunny on a stand with a bow and carrot

This was super easy so I can explain how it is done and at the bottom of this post you'll find a printable card with all the directions and supplies. 

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First, I found a piece of reclaimed wood in my workshop, it already had a coat of chalky paint on it. 

I drew a bunny shape with a flat bottom and cut it out on my saw. 

chippy bunny in workshop with bow and carrot on a picket fence

I used an electric sander to sand around the bunny and across the top to get a chippy look. 

If your board is not painted, which it probably isn't, give it 2 coats of chalky paint, let it dry then sand it down. 

chippy bunny on the workshop table with bow and carrot

Next, I found the top of a piece of picket fence

I used wood glue and my nail gun to attach the bunny to the picket fence piece. 

chippy bunny and card catalog

If you don't have a nail gun you can use wood glue and hot glue for a good bond. 

All I had to do now was to decorate my bunny. 

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Chippy bunny with bow and carrot and Pinterest overlay

I added a gingham bow, a few pieces of moss, and a small decorative carrot with hot glue. 

My carrots and gingham ribbon came from Dollar Tree but you can find similar at Michaels

I think he is just the cutest and I'm adding him to my Etsy Shop right now! 

chippy Easter bunny on a picket fence with carrot and gingham bow

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Yield: 1
Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $5

Chippy Bunny

A chippy bunny on a picket fence stand.


  • Reclaimed wood
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Carrots
  • Moss


  • Glue gun
  • Electric sander
  • Scroll saw


  1. Cut out a bunny shape from reclaimed wood. 
  2. Paint the front of the bunny with chalky paint. 
  3. Sand the sides and top of the bunny to get a chippy look. 
  4. Attach the bunny to a piece of picket fence using wood glue.
  5. Add a ribbon, moss, and a carrot for decoration. 
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