Easy Wall Pocket for Flowers

Are you looking for an easy DIY project that looks adorable? This one is it!  For this project you can either cut out a tag shape from wood like I did or you can buy one at the dollar shape and repurpose it. 

wall pocket with white flowers and greens


Like I said, I began by cutting a tag shape out of a piece of plywood then drilling a hole in the top of the tag for the hanger. 

I'm using the plywood with one nicely finished side. 

If you don't cut your own wood, go to the Dollar Tree and grab a tag shaped, ready made sign and remove the design with sandpaper. 

I painted my wooden tag with a warm grey color then used a dry brush technique to add aging. 

dry brushed wooden tag

I sanded the edges of the tag then used a light coat of stain over the top and edges to give it a slight aged look. 

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Now came the easiest part. 

I am using the sleeve of an old sweater that was on its way to the donation pile. 

I love using donation clothes for DIY projects

I cut down the seam of the sleeve and wrapped it around my tag. 

If you're using a large tag you can use the belly of the sweater.

I used the hemmed edge for the bottom, wrapped the sleeve around the board and hot glued it closed in the back. 

wrap sleeve cuff around wooden tag for pocket

I also used hot glue to close the bottom hemmed edge at the bottom of the tag. 

The next part is up to you, I added a small Welcome stencil to the top of the tag, it's really hidden behind these flowers but with smaller flowers it might show. 

wall pocket with sweater pocket and Welcome sign

The top of the pocket is unfinished, you can pull a few threads to create a fringe. 

Use Fray Check to keep the fringe from unravelling

flower pocket hanging from vintage knob

Flowers in wall pockets can be made with anything including this old wooden scoop.

I also made one in the past using metal tiles. 

wall pocket with sweater pocket

Rebar wire tied into a loop with a few curly cues hangs the tag through the hole in the tag. 

wire wrapped hanger

Fill the pocket with your favorite faux flowers and greens, it can be changed out easily for any season! 

hanging wall pocket filled with white flowers and greens

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wall pocket with white flowers and overlay

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flower wall pocket

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Author: Homeroad
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Wall Pocket for Flowers

Easy wooden wall pocket with recycled sweater for flowers


  • Wooden tag 
  • Recycled sweater sleeve
  • hot glue
  • craft paint
  • stencil
  • rebar wire
  • Fray Check


  • scroll saw
  • drill
  • glue gun


The Tag
  1. Buy or cut a tag shape from pine or plywood. 
  2. Drill a hole in the top of the tag for hanging. 
  3. Paint the tag with craft paint the color of your choice. 
  4. Dry brush with a tiny bit of white on your brush and offload onto a rag. 
  5. Stencil a word or design onto your tag. 
The Pocket
  1. Using the sleeve only of a recycled sweater,  I cut the sleeve to size.
  2. Cut down the length of the sleeve. 
  3. Wrap the sleeve around the tag and hot glue on the back. 
  4. Hot glue the bottom of the sleeve together at the base of the tag. 
  5. Fringe the top of the pocket and apply Fray Check if necessary. 
The Hanger
  1. Make a loop and coil a length of rebar wire and thread through the hole in the top of the tag. 
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