Lavender Sachet Bundles for Mother's Day

Lavender smells so beautiful and little sachets for your drawer
makes everything smell wonderful.

wrapped bundles of lavender sachets

These tiny sachets were created for a flea market I did at one time. The fair was around mother's day and these little sachets were a hot item for gift giving!

Hand made lavender sachet bundles

Everyone loved them and they sold out in no time. 
They were made using small squares of drop cloth fabric to which I easily added a grain sack stripe using one of Old Sign Stencils grain sack stencils. I sewed around 3 sides of each square, filled them with lavender buds and stuffing, 
then hand sewed the last side.

Lavender sachet bundles for Mother's Day

Some sachet bundles are striped and some are plain but each is adorned with a tiny silver charm.

Love charm on tie for Lavender bundle

Lavender bundles filled with lavender buds

I bundled the sachets in sets of 2 and wrapped them in cellophane.

Lavender bundles wrapped in cellophane for gift giving

They make a great Mother's Day gift! 

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