Easy and Inexpensive Rag Wreath

If you're looking for an easy project that costs almost nothing, then this is the one for you!  I'm using an old faced cotton curtain I saved and an inexpensive wire wreath frame. 

rag wreath on a frame with green accents

Years ago I bought a curtain panel from Ikea.

It hung in my windows for a couple of years and I saved it for future projects

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It was neutral, faded, and cotton, I knew it would be good for something! 

Rag wreaths are so easy to make and with reclaimed fabric, cost almost nothing! 

I cut 1" slits in one side of the curtain and ripped the strips all the way down the panel. 

pile of rags from a curtain

Next, I cut the strips into 4-5" pieces and tied them around the outside of the wreath frame. 

I bought my wreath frame at dollar tree but you can find similar on Amazon.

rags tied onto wire frame

Then I tied them around the inside circle of the frame. 

I left the center frame without rags. 

rags tied to wire frame

Lastly, I tied on 4 green rags so I could use the wreath for St. Patrick's Day. 

off-white rag wreath

You could use whatever color you'd like to accent your wreath. 

rag wreath with green accents

That's it, I fluffed it up and hung the wreath on a DIY wreath hanger... stay tuned that tutorial is on its way! 

rag wreath on beaded wreath hanger

I love making rag wreaths no matter where the fabric comes from, like this one with my husband's plaid pajama pants! 

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rag wreath pin

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rag wreath with green rags

You can read all about this wreath hanger by visiting this post.

rag wreath on wreath hanger


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