DIY Tea Towel Carrot Pillow with Tassels

I found the cutest tea towel for Spring and Easter at Home Sense the other day!  It's so pretty you could frame it! I knew exactly what I was going to make with it and now I can't wait for Spring to use it! 

tea towel with carrots

This is such an easy project, it took almost no time. 

It literally took me 30 minutes and didn't involve any sewing!

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The first thing I did was to make 2 tassels. 

I had this great orange jute twine in my workshop. 

spool of orange jute

I wrapped the twine 30 times around a 2 - 3" piece of cardboard. 

orange jute wrapped around cardboard

I tied off the twine at the top of the cardboard and slid it off. 

Then I wrapped the tassel about 3/4 of an inch from the top and tied a knot. 

Then I cut off the bottom loops of the tassel. 

2 orange tassels on the carrot tea towel

Next I folded the tea towel in half and used Sure Bonder hot glue for fabric to glue the pillow together. 

I use the fabric hot glue all the time and it comes in white and black for dark fabrics. 

I started at the fold and glued along the seam to the corner where I added the tassel with the hot glue. 

hot glue for fabric gluing pillow together

Then I started at the top of the other side and glued the pillow closed all the way down to the corner and added the other tassel. 

orange tassel made from jute

I glued the bottom seam about half way then stuffed the pillow with Poly-fil. 

You could also use a pillow form that was the right size, in that case stuff the pillow inside before you glue the bottom. 

I finished off the pillow by gluing the remainder of the bottom seam closed. 

carrot pillow with tassels

I just love the design of this pillow and the tassels are the perfect addition. 

carrot pillow on a bed

I can't wait to use it! 

carrot pillow on a bed

Spring needs to hurry up and arrive! 

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Bedroom with carrot pillow on the bed

The shelf on the wall was made from a repurposed chair

Love dot chenille? Me too! I made a vase to match the bedding

Old window with wreath and carrot pillow

What did I do with the other tea towel? 

diy carrot apron

I made the cutest Easter Apron by following the directions from Exquisitely Unremarkable. 

Visit Kim for all the very easy step-by-step directions

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