DIY Easter Bunny Gnome

Truth be told, I was never really a gnome lover.  There, I said it... and now I'm going to show you how I made one! 😂

pink fleece bunny ears and socks

It all began with a pair of socks from the dollar store.

polka dotted socks

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A while back I watched a video on how to make a gnome and it inspired me to create a gnome of my own.

I made a Valentine's gnome and he came out so cute, I sold it

Then I made one for my own tiered tray for St. Patrick's Day

So now that I'm starting to love them I can't break the streak so I'm making one for Easter too! 

It began with a bunny ear pick I found at Michaels, 40% off and it was a deal!

bunny ears and socks

First I cut both socks right below the curve. 

2 polka dotted socks, one cut

I tied one off at the top with jute for the hat and filled the other one with rice. 

sock filled with rice

You could fill it with anything weighted like cat litter or tiny pebbles. 

I tied off the top of the rice sock with jute. 

Next, fill the hat with stuffing, I used Poly-fil stuffing

Now, you are going to hot glue the hat to the base leaving a little opening for a wooden bead nose

I glued a piece of faux fur right under the hat with hot glue.

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Glue the bead nose on with hot glue then put a drop of glue over the nose to hold the hat down. 

Next, I used hot glue to glue the bunny ears to the back of the gnome. 

I made 2 feet with ribbon and attached them at the base with hot glue. 

Add a bow and you're done! 

Easter bunny polka dotted gnome

He is just the cutest! 

I think I'm starting to like gnomes! 

Easter bunny sock gnome

Last summer I made a few easy to make gnomes for the garden too.

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Author: Homeroad
Estimated cost: $5

Easter Bunny Gnome

prep time: perform time: total time:
A sock gnome with bunny ears for Easter


  • A pair of socks
  • 1 wooden bead
  • Poly-fil stuffing
  • Rice
  • Jute
  • Ribbon
  • Faux fur
  • Bunny ears


  • Glue gun 
  • hot glue


  1. Cut both socks just below the heel.
  2. Fill one side with rice and tie with a piece of jute for the body. 
  3. Fill the other side with Poly-fil stuffing for the hat. 
  4. Tie the tip of the Poly-filled side.
  5. Attach the hat to the body with hot glue. 
  6. Add faux fur for the bead with hot glue. 
  7. Add a bead for the nose with hot glue.
  8. Attach the bunny ears to the back of the gnome with hot glue. 
  9. Make feet using ribbon and attach with hot glue. 
  10. Add a bow to the top of the hat. 
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