Napkin Decoupaged Candle

The idea isn't mine but the fish pattern that I'm using on everything in my outdoor space this summer is!  When I watched a video on how to decoupage candles I couldn't believe how easy it was to do... I jumped right in and got to work! 

outdoor patio set

This project is super easy and if you'd like to watch the video I watched, check out Barb from the Shabby Tree. 

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battery candle and napkin

First, I took my favorite decorative napkin and peeled off the top decorative layer. 

decorative napkin peeled into layers

If you love these napkins check out my backyard post where I decorated the whole deck with shades of blue. 

Then I used these napkins to make matching DIY drink coasters

I cut the napkin to the height of the candle and wrapped it around. 

The cocktail napkin I used fit perfectly around the candle.

pack of Target fish napkins

I'm using a battery operated candle with a wax finish on it

I wrapped the napkin around the candle then held it there with parchment paper. 

napkin and parchment wrapped candle

I used my small craft iron to iron over the parchment paper. 

small craft iron

You can use a regular iron with no steam but this smaller iron works so well and I didn't get burned! 

You can see the napkin underneath changing color as you iron the candle and the wax melts. 

I went around the whole napkin until it all changed a darker color. 

I removed the parchment paper and voila! 

blue fish decorated candle

My napkin design was now melted into the candle and looks like it was made that way! 

decorative candle with light on

I can't wait to use it my outdoor space this summer! 

Outdoor space with blues

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blue fish decorated candle


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