Dollar Store Solar Light Makeover

 I've said before how much I love my outdoor solar lights. 

The best part is that they were all made from solar lights bought at the Dollar Tree. 

You may think they don't last very long but I have some that are still burning bright from last season! 

Take a look at one of my favorite makeovers...

solar light display and tray

Once again I began with the stake solar lights from the dollar store. 

You can also find similar on Amazon

They come in both black and silver so you can get the ones that work best with your project. 

cage candle holders and solar lights

I recently made a whole bunch of solar lights for my patio that look amazing at night. 

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Today's project was made from two black cage candle holders that have been around for years. 

I never really had them lit because well, I don't have too many real candles burning around my house. 

I tried using the battery candles but the batteries just don't last very long. 

So today I'm repurposing them for outdoor use. 

I began by pulling off the stake from the solar light then cutting off the little end where the stake was attached. 

cutting solar light

cut lights

I removed the cage from my candle holder and glued the solar light into the base with E6000

I then glued the cage back down to the base. 

solar light inside candle holder

That is all there is to this easy project!

2 black cages with solar lights

These lights are so much better and safer outdoors and the light at night is amazing! 

outdoor candle holder with solar light

All you need to do now is wait for it to get dark and enjoy the beautiful light! 

And yes it started to rain when I snapped this photo! LOL

solar light on at night

This stenciled outdoor tray was another Homeroad project. 

outdoor tray with solar lights and flowers

That darn cat turns up everywhere! 😹

That beautiful blue and white planter is one of my very favorites from Amazon! 

outdoor light display



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solar light with overlay


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black cage with solar lights


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