DIY Rustic Wooden Step Stool

I've needed a new step stool for a while now.  

I have 6 little grandchildren that need to reach the bathroom sink. 

When I saw a rustic one that looked easy to make I was on it!

I used reclaimed wood from my workshop and it was even easier than I imagined to make! 

wooden step stool with crate stamps

The inspiration for my step stool came from Deelana at Our Little Humble Home, she made one with 2x4's that looked great! 

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I began with scrap wood from the outdoor furniture I made a few years ago. 

wood scraps

I cut 2 large pieces and 2 smaller pieces of the 2x4 wood. 

I had pallet wood leftover from another project so I measured my 2x4's so the width of the pallet wood would fit perfectly across the top. 

wooden step stool pieces

I used wood glue and the nail gun to attach the 2x4's. 

wooden step stool

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Bayberry to paint the 2x4 sides. 

bayberry green step stool sides

Next, I painted the pallet pieces with my favorite Transformations Gel Stain from Home Depot. 

staining pallet pieces

You just paint it on and wipe it off! 

When all the paint dried I attached the pallet pieces to the top with wood glue and the nail gun. 

assembling step stool

I gave the top boards a good sanding to remove any sharp edges with an electric sander. 

That is just about all it took to make this cute little step stool. 

wooden step stool

But now comes the fun part... 

I just received my stencils from Old Sign Stencils. 

FJI logo

I chose the Pallet Stamps Stencil because it's perfect for this project! 

pallet stamp stencil

I stenciled the pallet stamps with Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black. 

stamp stencil

stamp stencils

wooden step stool with stencils

The cutest little part of this stencil that I just noticed are the little screw heads!! 

screw stencil

I stenciled 4 screw heads onto each side of the stool. 

wooden stenciled stool with screw heads

The stool is sealed with a spray matte sealer to keep the rustic look. 

pin button
wood scrap step stool pin with overlay

Felt feet on the bottom keep the stool from scratching the floor. 

wooden stenciled stool

This is the perfect sturdy little step stool for all my little grandchildren to use in our renovated downstairs bathroom!

step stool in bathroom


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wooden stool with stencils

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