Easy DIY Stenciled Pouf Ottoman Cover

Today's project was one I've been hoping to do for a long time now. 

I have an outdoor pouf/ottoman that I no longer need and rather than get rid of it, I'd like to give it a makeover and use it inside. 

At first I wasn't sure just how I was going to go about making the cover but I figured it out as I went and now I'm going to show you how...

I wanted to give this pouf ottoman a neutral cover that would be easy to create and use recycled materials. 

stenciled pouf cover in living room

I saved an old pair of curtains I bought at IKEA many years ago, I've used pieces of the curtains for many projects in the past. 

Today I am cutting the fabric to fit the old blue and white outdoor pouf. 

blue and white striped pouf

I wrapped the fabric around the pouf to get an idea of the length and width I needed to make a cover. 

fabric wrapped around old striped pouf

I used a hem from the old curtains as the top hem for the pouf cover. 

I also cut a square that was going to be the top of the cover. 

I began by ironing the cut fabric pieces and stenciling them with a very cool stencil from Old Sign Stencils called Pallet Stamps

pallet stencil and stencil brush

I rolled out the fabric pieces on an ironing board and stenciled the pallet stamps stencil in random places on both pieces. 

pallet stamp stencil on fabric

The paint I used was a pretty grey chalky paint. 

Once the paint dried I turned the longer piece of fabric with the right sides together and sewed the seam on my heavy duty sewing machine. 

sewing machine seam

Next, I fit the wrap around the old ottoman. 

fabric wrap around old pouf

For the top piece I folded over and sewed all 4 edges of the square. 

top square of pouf cover

Next I pinned the hemmed square to the top hem of the wrapped pouf cover side. 

pinned hem of pouf cover

I removed the cover and sewed the edges with my sewing machine. 

Next, I replaced the cover over the old pouf. 

stenciled pouf cover

At the bottom of the pouf I hot glued the fabric around the bottom of the old pouf which had a thick plastic base. 

hemmed bottom of pouf with pin

hot glued seam around base of pouf

If ever the cover needs to be removed it can be pulled off at the base and removed with no damage to the old pouf. 

But this pouf is so pretty now I'm not going to do that! 😂

pouf cover with grey pallet stencils

This pouf goes so well in my living room! 

living room with chairs and pouf

It slides right under the coffee table when not in use. 

pouf under coffee table

pin button
pouf cover pin

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pouf and chair

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