Stenciled Pillow Makeover

Here is a quick and easy project that will show you how easy it is to turn something boring into something new and beautiful!

I used a pillow cover I already had at home and gave it a whole new look! 

You're gonna love this one! 

I'm also adding several other DIY pillows you're going to love! 

blue retro star stenciled pillow cover

I had an old large lumbar pillow cover that I liked too much to get rid of but didn't use because it was... well boring! 

It has a great velvet trim but nothing else. 

pillow cover with blue trim

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Truth be told I do like a little boring. 

I love decorating with neutrals

And if you peeked into my closet, you'd see a whole lot of black, white and grey. 

Today, I'm going to stencil this boring pillow cover with a bold blue stencil that matches the pretty trim and make it new again! 

I'm using a new stencil called Retro Stars from Old Sign Stencils. 

OSS retro star stencil

If you've used these stencils before you know how great they are. 

Old Sign Stencils are made from a thick, durable material that can be used time and time again. 

Trust me, you're gonna want to use this retro star all over the place

retro stars in a drawer

The first thing I did for this project was to line the inside of the pillow cover with a piece of plastic. 

This is done so the paint wouldn't bleed through the layers. 

I found a blue paint in my workshop that matched the trim around the pillow. 

The paint is a very cool color shift paint, it won't shift on fabric but the color was perfect! 

stencil brush and blue paint

I stenciled the retro star with a stencil brush, pouncing straight down as I went.

stenciling blue into the pillow cover


As you can see I've used this stencil at least once already! 

blue retro stars

When the paint dried I stuffed a down feather pillow insert into the cover. 

retro star pillow in chair

This pillow cover has a whole new retro look and it is anything but boring! 

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pillow cover with stars and overlay


This stenciled pillow cover was one of my favorites! 

These stenciled pillow covers are great for winter! 

These pillow covers are perfect for a quick makeover! 

This pillow cover can even be made from a tea towel! 

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retro star stenciled pillow in chair

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