DIY Stenciled Boho Decor

If you think stenciling is difficult, I'm here today to show you how easy it is! 

Sometimes just one simple stenciled color on a piece makes all the difference.

Today I'm using one of my new favorite Boho stencils on several different projects.

You won't want to miss this!

stenciled items

First of all I began with this great stencil:

stitches stencil from OSS

It is called "stitches" by Old Sign Stencils.

stencil on brick wall

As you scroll through this post please pay attention to the bold blue links for all the details on these projects!

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I couldn't wait to have a stencil with a small boho/tribal /mudcloth design like this one. 

I had several ideas so I am putting them all in one post to show you how easy it is to decorate something you already have. 

First up, a raised tray that I bought for $3 at Target. 

stitches stencil on raised tray

All I did was to lay the stencil on top of the tray and pounce a light coat with a stencil brush. 

footed tray with stencil

It took 2 minutes! 

Secondly, I had made a bunch of footed trays a while back from repurposed cabinet doors. 

This black one was perfect for this same stencil in white. 

black and white stenciled tray

Again, it took about 2 minutes. 

stenciled trays

Lastly, and my personal favorite... I stenciled the design onto a grey pillow cover using black paint and I couldn't love it more! 

I used the wrapper from the stencil to place inside the pillow cover so when I stenciled the paint wouldn't bleed through the layers. 

stencil on a pillow cover

That one took about 5 minutes!

stenciled items

You may notice that I cut this stencil apart to fit it on all kinds of shapes. 

When I need the whole stencil it easily tapes back together! 

So all in all I created a set of decorative items for my home in about 10 minutes. 

stenciled items and a candle

This stencil is just my style and I can't wait to use it again! 

grey pillow covers and tapastry

I just love how this stenciled pillow looks with my other pillows in my living room! 

You can see how I made that no sew heart pillow cover here. 

black white and grey pillows

pin button
stencil pin and overlay

stenciled pillow covers and overlay

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pillow and footed trays with stencils



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