DIY Wooden Pedestal Bowls

Today I'm making an easy repurposed project repurposing a basket full of legs from my daughter's old bedroom furniture. 

These are the perfect "legs" that are great for so many projects! 

On a recent trip to the thrift store I also purchased some inexpensive wooden bowls.

Read more to see how great they look now! 

pedestal bowls, nest and clock

First, I removed the double sided screw from the furniture legs I had. 

bowls and legs

There was no need to paint these legs because they were already white and looked great... but you could! 

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I used wood glue and E6000 glue to attach the wooden bowls to the pedestal legs. 

glued legs on wooden bowls

I put a heavy weight on top to hold the glue until it dried. 

antique iron on top of pedestal to glue

Unfortunately, the glue didn't work to hold the bowl on top. I ended up drilling a hole through the bottom of the bowl and into the leg. 

I used a wooden peg through the bowl and into the leg for support. 

         bowl on white leg

I stained the top of the peg to match the bottom of the bowl so the peg wouldn't be too noticeable. 

pin buttonpedestal bowl pin

These cute bowls are perfect to hold a nest, eggs, or whatever you want to display for Spring.

This fun pedestal dish used repurposed lamp parts. 

These farmhouse pedestal plates were made with wooden dishes and metal bases. 

How about a repurposed clearance candle holder turned into a pedestal dish?

This unique pedestal dish was made from a very unusual roadside find! 

bowl with birds nest

wooden bowls on legs with carrots and nest

The furniture leg pedestal give the bowls more of a presence and contrasts the beauty of the wood. 

I made similar a while back with wooden dishes and lamp parts I found. 

wooden bowls on white legs

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wooden bowls with carrots and nest



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