Repurposed Lighting Ideas for Outdoors

Don't you just love beautiful outdoor lighting?

I sure do and since repurposing is my game I have several great ideas for you to try. 

I've collected 7 of my favorite repurposed outdoor lighting ideas with links to the projects so you can see how they are done. 

Take a look...

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clear and blue mason jars

First up is a candle lantern I made when we changed out the hanging lights in our kitchen.

outdoor candle with planter


This easy succulent lantern has the prettiest fairy lights that light up the night. 

copper succulent lantern with lights

Next up is a jewel toned lantern I created from a repurposed thrift store find. 

green lantern with beads

I made this little cutie from a bunch of repurposed parts from my basement workshop. 

metal light with tea light

I combined an old chandelier with mason jars to create this one of a kind hanging planter chandelier.

red mason jar chandelier

Another fun mason jar light was this candle holder made with a giant spindle.

blue and clear mason jars

And this one is my very favorite... 

I created a hanging light for my gazebo using a very large colander! 

The stars that shine on the gazebo wall at night is gorgeous! 

colander light in gazebo

pin button
mason jars and overlay

Another great idea for outdoor lighting are solar lights. 

I change up the dollar store stake lights and create all kinds of beautiful outdoor lights. 

outdoor solar lights

I hope you take a minute to visit each of these outdoor lighting projects and see what you can make for your outdoor space this year.

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