Macrame Wall Hanging

Something you may not know about me is that back in the 70's I was the macrame queen of our town! 

Not really... but I probably could have been. 

I did macrame all the time, plant hangers, wall hangings, jewelry... you name it, I did it! 

I'm happy to see it is coming around again so I'm giving it a shot to see if I still remember how...

The whole idea came from a large piece of driftwood I found on the beach. 

macrame square knots and beads

I purchased a giant bolt of 3mm cotton macrame cord that seems to be enough to make a wall hanging this size several times. 

You can also try this in shades of neutral cording like this one from Michaels. 

cotton macrame twine

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I hitched 26 lengths of macrame twine onto the driftwood. 

macrame cord on driftwood

Each length was 9 feet long. 

starting macrame wall hanging with strings

I began the first couple rows with a basic box knot. 

driftwood with cotton twine

Next, I strung 12 wooden beads onto a 3' piece of cording and worked the beads into my piece with box knots. 

macrame with beads

The last 2 beads on the cord I left hanging off the side. 

A few rows down I added doilies to the rows.

doilies in macrame wall hanging


I continued with box knots throughout this piece working ribbons, jute, beads, yarn, and paper raffia into my piece

macrame with embellishments

Just be creative and add things where you think they might go. 

macrame with beads

When I reached the bottom I added more string where needed with a knot that just added to the texture of the fringe. 

macrame wall hanging with strings and shells

I added more wooden beads in random places in the fringe. 

macrame wall hanging with beads and embellishments

When I was finished I made a large tassel with textured yarn and wooden beads and hung it on the bottom in the center. 

macrame wall hanging with tassel

I tied a few random knots of string, shells, tags, and feathers throughout the wall hanging. 

cotton macrame knots with embellishments

I am in love with the way this came out! 

I'm happy to say I remembered most of what I was doing from 40 years ago! 

wall hanging on wreath

Make this wall hanging in any size or shape, I've got enough twine to make a whole bunch more!

Here is a smaller one I made in the same style.

macrame wall hanging


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driftwood macrame with embellishments


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