Faux Rusty Tin Ceiling Shamrock

I love the look of rusty tin ceiling tiles only they aren't very easy to find and can be quite costly if you do. 

Today I'm going to show you how to create the look of a rusty tin ceiling tile for a dollar. Well $1.25 to be exact! 

I'm going to make a rusty tin ceiling three leaf clover to decorate for St. Patrick's Day and I'll show you how! 

Take a look...

shamrock photo

First, I began with a tin ceiling peel and stick tile from the Dollar Tree. These are made of plastic but I'm going to make it look like metal with an easy paint treatment. 

tin ceiling tile and paint brush

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I peeled off the backing paper on the tile then peeled off the sticky layer. I was left with just the plastic tin ceiling part. 

peeling off background of peel and stick tile

I cut out the shape of a three leaf clover, also known as a shamrock. You can make any shape but I'm going to decorate for March with mine. 

paint, paint brush and shamrock

I am using Fusion Mineral Paint in Hazelwood to paint the tile. I used a dabbing motion with the paint to create a little texture. 

textured paint on shamrock

green painted shamrock from tin ceiling tile

When the paint dried I used Mod Podge where I thought there should be a little rust then sprinkled cinnamon over the Mod Podge. 

mod podge on shamrock

cinnamon dusted shamrock

I dusted off the cinnamon then sprayed the shamrock with a matte sealer. I sprinkled a little more cinnamon over the wet sealer. 

mod podge and matte sealer on shamrock

I let the shamrock dry then found a vintage green file folder with the same green color and made a backing by tracing around the shamrock and gluing the 2 pieces together. 

tracing shamrock on vintage file folder

gluing shamrock

green backing to shamrock

Lastly, I punched 2 holes in the top of the shamrock using my heavy duty hole puncher which punches through thick materials and created a hanger using rebar wire. 

holes punched in shamrock

wire hanger

I attached the rebar wire hanger to the shamrock then added a black and white gingham bow

rusty shamrock with a gingham bow

I made the cutest rusty tin ceiling shamrock to decorate my home for Spring and St. Patrick's Day! 

rusty shamrock on peg shelf

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rusty shamrock with overlay


tin ceiling shamrock on a wreath

Don't forget, you can use this same technique to create a hanging rusty heart shape too! 

faux rusty shamrock on peg shelf with overlay


tin ceiling tile with bow on wreath

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rusty shamrock with hanger and bow



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