Anthropologie Vase Dupe

So every once in a while when I see something I want to copy on the internet, I try to locate the original source by doing a google image search. 

Today I saw this amazing black textured vase that didn't look that hard to create and I was right! 

All you need is an old vase, some paint, and a few felted pom poms! 

Take a look...

textured vase with gold candle holders on table

So I'm all about trying to recreate the look on some level. 

I saw these great Anthropologie vases that looked like they were doable. I could definitely do something similar at a much better price! 

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After all, I did something similar with glass beads when I recreated the look of chenille pom poms on a vase that matched my bed spread a few years ago. 

vase and felted pom poms

I grabbed a dollar spot vase and some small felted balls that were leftover from this project. I had originally bought them on Christmas clearance at Michaels that were similar to these. 

The felted balls are different than regular pom poms because they are a tighter weave. 

If I had more balls (snicker) I would have tried to dupe the pattern on this vase but I didn't so my pattern is a little more spread out and it works! 

gluing pom poms on vase

First, using hot glue, I glued the felted pom-poms all around the vase. I was lucky that my vase had lines in it so it was easy to stay in line. 

vase with pom poms glued on it

When the pom poming was finished I mixed up Coal Black Fusion Mineral Paint with baking soda. I used about 2 tablespoons of the baking soda to twice as much paint. 

black bowl of black paint and baking soda

I painted over the pom poms and vase until they were covered then let it dry. 

painting the vase with black paint

For my second and third coats I mixed equal amounts of paint and baking soda for a thicker texture and once again covered the vase and pom poms. 

painted vase with pom poms

top view of vase and paint

The pom poms actually got hard when it dried! 

painted black vase with pom poms

textured pom pom vase

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textured vase with pom poms dried

I did another fun textured paint treatment on another flower vase recently too

I think the look is very similar to the very expensive Anthro vases and I'm ready to try it again to get the exact same look with more pom poms! 

textured vase with greens and wicker basket


black textured vase with pom poms

This reminds me of another vase I had fun doing in the past!

What do you think? I may do this in other colors as well, I love the textured look! 

greens in black textured vase with basket


black textured vase with greens and candle holder

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black textured vase on table


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