Stenciled Garden Tote

The tote I'm transforming today for my gardening has been one of my favorites for a long time. 

I used this tote to carry my craft supplies, labels, and tags to craft shows. 

With one easy swipe of a stencil I'm transforming it into my new favorite garden tote. 

Take a look....

garden tote

I began with this tote I've had around a while but I've found several that I'll link to that are very similar.

plain canvas tote

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garden stencil

Using the Welcome to my Garden stencil from Old Sign Stencils, I used black craft paint and a fairly dry brush. I love how you can use just a part of these great stencils to create so many different things. There is also a cute Garden Tools stencil that would work! 

stenciled GARDEN stencil

As you can see my stencils are well used! I've used this one several times already on all kinds of projects.

garden tote with blue tools

The trick here is to stuff the tote with something that will firm it up for stenciling. I used a shoe box inside which gave the stencil some stability. 

garden tote and tools

It was a little difficult to hold the stencil in place but I managed. You could use painter's tape or spray adhesive to help hold the stencil in place. This was a long stencil and it wrapped around the sides of the tote which I thought looked very cool!  

garden stencil wrapped around tote

All it took was one quick coat of paint and my simple black and white stenciled tote was finished. 

stenciled tote with tools

I love the simple look and it was just that easy!  

garden tote filled with garden tools

I am filling my tote with matchy-match garden tools from the Dollar Tree


Wouldn't this make a great gift for Mother's Day?

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garden tote with accessories and overlay

I can not wait for the Spring! 


garden tote with black on white

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garden tote with turquoise tools



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