Wood Slice Spring Fairy Garden

If you know me you know I like to go for a walk whenever I can. Lately, I've been walking a little slower with my new puppy Sammy. 

I often find cool things on the side of the road and have been known to be seen carrying some pretty strange things down the road on my way home. 

Today's find was small but I knew it had some potential.

Take a look... 

fairy garden with flowers

When I find something interesting along the side of the road I instantly wonder what I can do with it. 

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That is actually how Homeroad got its name. I find things I make for the Home along the side of the road

I think the strangest thing I ever found was this mannequin that I couldn't live without. I bet I looked pretty funny carrying that for a few blocks! 


Another time I found these cool metal circles that I turned into numbered tags. I couldn't stop picking them up, I must have found a couple of dozen of them. This terrible photo will tell you how long ago that was! 

metal circles

You will not believe all the things I've found including furniture! 

This time I found this very cool slice of a tree. 

dirty wood slice

I've used tree slices in my projects many times before but this one was a little different, it had a little ledge on it.

Similar to this project when I used the live edges of a cut tree to create shelves! 

I brought the tree slice home and immediately gave it a bath in bleach to clean off anything that might be on it. After all, I did find it along the side of the road when I was walking Sammy. 😏

wood slice in the sink

Oh and meet Sammy 😊

sammy puppy

So while I waited for the tree slice to dry I grabbed a bunch of different mosses I had in my workshop. The moss originally came from this bag of moss that has several different kinds

wood slice with moss

Using hot glue I attached flowers, greens and moss to the tree slice. 

wood slice garden

garden on wood slice with flowers

On the top I'm hanging a tin sign that says SPRING. 

spring tag

It is a little hard to see but I used my metal stamping kit to punch the letters into the tin. To make the letters stand out a little bit I used dark wax to enhance the letters. I haven't used this kit often, and I need a little practice, but I'm thinking I need to drag it out and figure out more stamped letter projects.

stamping kit


I added fairy lights to the tree slice and it looks amazing at night. 

wood slice garden with fairy lights

This would be so cute with little fairy figures from the dollar store! 

fairy garden with lights

It can sit on a shelf or stand it on top of a beautiful candle holder for height. 

fairy garden on top of mercury glass candle holder

This cute little Spring project was easy to make and didn't cost me anything because I had all the supplies at home and the wood slice was free! 


lighted fairy garden on candlestick

I hope you'll keep your eyes out when you're out for your next walk. You never know what you will find. 

fairy garden with lights in the dark


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fairy garden on a wood slice


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