Tiny Stenciled Seed Starter Cups

I've seen these cute little natural fiber pots from the dollar store used in many ways on Pinterest. 

Today I'm going to stencil some with one of my favorite rustic crate stencils and then I'll give them a handle like a tiny bucket. 

For now I'm filling the pots with moss and flowers but when I'm ready to plant my garden they will be perfect to fill with soil and seeds! 

Take a peek...

Seed starter pots with handles and stencils

So a package of about 10 of these natural fiber seed starter pots was $1.25 at the Dollar Tree. 

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Pinterest has all kinds of cute ideas for these little seed pots. While you're there give Homeroad's Pinterest account a follow! I'm stenciling mine today and filling them with moss and flowers. 

stenciled seed starter cups with handles


stenciled peat pots

First, I used the small shipping crate stencil from Old Sign Stencils and used black craft paint to give each pot a little part of the stencil.  There are several crate stencils available at Old Sign Stencils you'll want to use on many projects! 

wooden bowl with seed starters filled with flowers

I gave each tiny pot a handle using about 6" of rebar wire. The pots are soft and the wire goes right through the sides. 

seed starter cups filled with flowers

I filled the pots with several different kinds of moss and little sprigs of faux flowers. 

seed starter cups with flowers, handles and stencils

They look adorable and make an adorable Spring decoration that is inexpensive and easy to make! And bonus... you can use them again to actually start seeds this Spring! 

seed starter cup with stencil and flowers

Here are a few more projects I stenciled with this cute shipping crate stencil! 


seed starter cups with stencils and flowers

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seed starter cup with flowers and overlay

I filled my tiered tray with these little cuties and they look great! 

wooden tiered tray with seed cups

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stenciled seed cups

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