Easy Wooden Heart Tassels

Here's a fun and easy project for Valentine's Day and you might have most of the supplies at home. 

Hang these cute wooden tassels on hooks, hang on a tiered tray, or maybe you even have a Valentine's Day tree! 

Take a look...

accordion rack with hanging hearts and garlands.

First, I'm using some of the wooden hearts from the package of red, white, pink and natural hearts from Target Dollar Spot.

wooden hearts with drilled holes

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Here are some of the other supplies I used but you can use whatever you have at home.

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beads and hearts on pink tray

I began by drilling holes in the larger hearts. I put the hole at the top and on both the top and bottom of the hearts. 

pink heart with holes

Now it was time for the twine. I tied a piece of twine through the hole then started adding wooden beads. 

beads, corks and cinnamon stick

I added a cork, a cinnamon stick, whatever I could find. You can drill a hole in these items or tie them on with a double twine. 

hanging heart with beads, cork and cinnamon stick

Keep adding beads and embellishments until you are satisfied with your creation. 

heart and beads


I used hot glue to add Bingo markers and felt balls for decoration. 

hanging heart with bingo marker

On the pink one I added a twine tassel by wrapping twine around my hand 20 times then tying it off to create a tassel. 

heart with tassel and beads on hot plate

The best part of this is that it uses things from your craft supplies. 

heart with beads and embellishments

The package of Target hearts was only $3 for 6 hearts so that was a bargain. If you'd rather you can use a jigsaw and cut out your own hearts! 

heart ornaments and heart tea towel

I love these on my tiered tray

hanging heart on tiered tray

I also made a few to hang in my kitchen on the accordion hooks. 

accordion hooks with Valentine's Day decorations

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heart tassels with overlay

In my office I have an accordion hook rack hanging vertically on my craft closet. 

vertical accordion rack with Valentine decor

They are just a touch of decor for Valentine's Day using natural colors and embellishments. 

tassel on heart tea towel

heart tassel on tea towel

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tiered tray with heart decor


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