Hanging Recycled Stuffed Hearts

 Hearts are not just for Valentine's Day and if you make them from recycled fabric that you love, you're going to want to keep them out all year long! 

This easy tutorial uses recycled fabric tea towels to create beautiful double hanging stuffed hearts. 

Take a look...

stuffed striped hearts with bows

I began with tea towels I'm no longer using. Truth be told I took these right out of the basket in my kitchen because I knew they'd make great hanging hearts and I can always buy more! 

recycled striped tea towel

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I cut a heart pattern from a piece of paper and traced the out on a folded tea towel. 

heart pattern traced on tea towel

cut out hearts in all directions

I was sure to make the hearts going in two different directions on the striped fabric. 

hearts going in 2 different directions

Once the hearts were cut out I grabbed a length of macrame cord. This cord has been good for sooo many projects and I'm still using the same bolt! 

glued macrame twine in heart

I knotted both ends of the twine and glued it inside a heart on both ends. 

twine with both ends in heart fabric

Next, I began hot gluing the hearts closed leaving a small opening for stuffing. You can use regular hot glue for this project or hot glue specifically made for fabric. 

hearts with twine

I used a small amount of pillow stuffing for the hearts, being sure not to over stuff them. Once the hearts were stuffed I hot glued the opening closed.

hearts with twine between

I had an extra 2 hearts so I made a loop from another piece of twine and glued it inside the heart to create a single hanging heart. 

heart with folded loop

I added a small bow of contrasting fabric for a little bling. 

hanging hearts with bows

With a heart on each end of the macrame cord, these cuties are ready to hang around your home. 

hanging hearts attached with twine

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I added a great hanging bar for "S" hooks to my the bottom of the shelf on my coffee bar and the hearts look beautiful hanging there! This is my favorite new find and it is on sale now!!

coffee bar

Most things decor on my coffee bar came from the thrift store! 

hanging hearts in coffee bar area


coffee bar and hanging hearts

There are so many places to hang these cute stuffed hearts, just drape them over anything! 


hanging hearts on wooden bowl

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hanging stuffed hearts and overlay

Recycled tea towels are the perfect fabric for crafting since you already bought them because you love the designs and they go with your decor. 


single stuffed heart with loop

Where would you hang these cuties?!

hanging heart on peg shelf


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hearts hanging on basket


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