DIY Entry Board and Batten with Hooks

Recently I had the chance to help my daughter with renovations in her new house. She had a plan to do easy board and batten on the walls. Putting up the board and batten in my daughter's house led to me wanting to do it in my own house. This post is a combination of how we did easy board and batten in 2 houses. 

Board and batten with hooks and a basket

Like I said, this project is taking place in 2 houses.

My daughter recently bought a house a mile away and I'm working to help her with her home projects. 

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First my daughter bought the pieces she needed. 

She chose to use PVC moulding from Home Depot, I think it is technically called door and window moulding.

The PVC  moulding is inexpensive and the pieces are all perfectly straight which can be a problem with wood. 

This project could also be done with wood trim. 

She used 4' lengths of 1 3/4" x 1/4" PVC  moulding. 

She also bought a piece of 2 1/4" x 1/2" PVC  moulding, this piece will be the length of the wall you are doing the board and batten on. 

If you are doing a long wall, it comes in 8' lengths. 

She began by doing the math and spacing her vertical pieces evenly on the wall. 

taping vertical moulding to the wall

She used painter's tape to attach the boards to the wall before we nailed. 

Across the top we cut the 2 1/4" PVC  to the length we needed and taped it to the wall. 

As you can see she is doing this over the peel and stick wallpaper she put up

The wallpaper will be trimmed before painting. 

board and batten over wallpaper

And here is where I came in...

I used my Ryobi brad nailer to nail the pieces to the wall. 

nailing board and batten to the wall

All the holes from the brad nailer were filled with spackling paste. 

filling the holes in the pvc moulding

We then removed the tape and we were ready to paint. 

This wallpaper came from a company called York

color choices for board and batten

She painted the entire area, PVC  and drywall all the same color to make it look like a cohesive piece. 

board and batten painted blue

When the paint was dry we added hooks similar to these, to the horizontal piece and the entryway was finished. 

blue board and batten with hooks

blue board and batten with mirror

She did this same technique in the dining room but without the hooks, this gave the open floor plan a cohesive look. 

dining room board and batten

Lucky for me there was a lot of leftover PVC  molding and hooks so off to my house we went. 

I have a very small wall by my front door and I did the same technique on my wall. 

board and batten beginning

Problem was that after my wall was finished and painted, I had another thought...

holding boards for my new idea

The space in my house was so small, I need to go higher. 

I cut 3 more pieces of the vertical PVC  moulding about 6" long and nailed them above the other 3.

I added another horizontal piece above the smaller pieces creating small boxes. 

Above my top horizontal board I added a piece of 1 1/4" x 1/2" moulding and nailed it on top creating a narrow shelf. 

Next, I filled all the holes with filler. 

board and batten with spackle

Now it was perfect and I was ready to paint! 

I painted the entire area with one of Fusion Mineral Paint's newest colors called Victorian Lace. 

board and batten with hooks

The Victorian lace went perfectly with the Ballet White by Benjamin Moore which is the color I painted almost the entire lower level of my house

board and batten with hooks and a basket

This was a simple project with a big impact and the cost was minimal. 

board and batten with hooks and a basket

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board and batten with shelf


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